Rally Tasmania

The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA) regulates the Rally Tasmania event. Rally Tasmania is conducted in the vibrant City of Burnie. The City of Burnie offers new cafes and other water front developments for the people who joined Rally Tasmania and the spectators who wants to see the cars and the places involved in the event. The North West Coast has great tarmac rally roads for Rally Tasmania. There will be two runs conducted in the only city tarmac stage in Australia on the central business area streets. There are famous stages for Rally Australia including the 50km Savage River Road, 30km Hellyer Gorge and of course the new stages at the back of Ulverstone and Burnie. You can also enjoy lunch at the Savage River where the best buffet in Australia is served. Freight rate will not be a problem with Rally Australia with the Toll Shopping cash redemption.

Getting to Tasmania

Tasmania is an island, so there are two ways to get there: by air or by.

Spirit of Tasmania operates two ferries that sail in each direction between Devonport and Melbourne nightly. Crossings generally depart at 8 pm and arrive at 7 am. Cost is comparable to air travel, beginning at A$200 for a low-season return ticket.

For a faster journey you can buy cheap flights to Hobart or Launceston. Most flights from the mainland Australia to Tasmania go via Melbourne. It is also possible to get direct flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Classic Winners

With their 1974 Porsche 911 RS, Roger Patterson and Richard Geue of South Australia won the inaugural Classic Tasmania 2011 event. This duo was leading the competition for three days 24 seconds ahead of Jason White and Adrian Hodgetts and Nick Ellis and Travis Lacey from Victoria with their 1977 Porsche. There were around 42 cars that started off in the race. Later on 38 were left and Patterson and Geue came out first among all of them.

Richard’s Consistency

It was the consistency of Jim Richards that pay off in the motorsport of the 31st Rally Tasmania. Richards is a touring car legend in the Rally Tasmania event. Rally Tasmania was placed in the calendars of events in the last minute. Despite this fact, there were still 17 cars that joined the 31st Rally Tasmania event.

Bott Australasia

The international storage solutions experts Bott is the financial partner of the 2011 Classic Rally Tasmania event. Bott has a big impact on the financial foundations of Rally Tasmania. Bott also supported and enhanced the event by improving the national and international presentation of Rally Tasmania. Wilhelm Bott created the mechanical workshop in Gaildorf back in 1930. That place is where the modern-day Bott Group was created. Now, Bott is one of the best workshop equipment manufacturers. They are also the leading manufacturers of in-vehicle equipment and Workplace systems all over the world. There is a wide range of professional equipment that Bott industry can offer their customers.

AASA Regulations

If your vehicle is currently competing in other events of the AASA tarmac events, it can still join the Classic Tasmania. The Vehicle Technical Regulations (VTR) is still under process of compilation for the Classic Tasmania event. The regulations will soon be written to make it easy for the competitors to follow. There will be differences in the regulations concerning the Post Classic Category for 1982 to 1989 cars.

Brilliant Stages

There will be new brilliant stages being created to bring back the Road Book together. There will be 3 new brilliant stages behind Ulverstone.  The Helley Gorge and Savage River stages will still be around for this year’s event. There will also be a new stage behind Wynyard to Wivenhoe in Burnie. The conclusion of the rally will be at the Burnie CBD.

Rally driving is a dangerous sport and you must declare this activity when taking life insurance, income protection or trauma insurance. Failure to do so may result in insurance companies refusing payment.


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